LayerZero Labs

LayerZero is an omnichain interoperability protocol that allows dApps to build across multiple blockchains in a trustless, efficient manner.

LayerZero enables the realization of cross-chain applications with a low-level communication primitive.

LayerZero Labs was founded in 2021 by Bryan Pellegrino, Ryan Zarick and Caleb Banister. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


LayerZero allows smart contracts on one chain to seamlessly and securely leverage the network of another chain, increasing the value of the entire blockchain ecosystem.


LayerZero connects dApps across chains using on-chain Ultra Light Nodes, which achieve the security of a light node with the cost-effectiveness of a middle-chain. Using the protocol, developers can turn their dapps into omnichain-applications using a single, simple interface.


LayerZero recently launched Stargate, a cross-chain liquidity transfer protocol built on LayerZero’s generic messaging. Stargate solves a holy grail problem called the Bridging Trilemma and enables cross-chain liquidity transfer in native assets, with unified liquidity and instant guarantee of finality.


LayerZero is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia, FTX Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, PayPal Ventures, Tiger Global, Binance Labs, Multicoin Capital, Uniswap Labs, FTC, and others. The company raised $135M in Series A round on Mar 30, 2022. This brings LayerZero's total funding to $143.3M to date. The latest round valued the company at a $1B post-money.



  • Year founded: 2021
  • Funding Info: $143.3M over 3 Rounds (Latest Funding Type: Series A)
  • Yearly Revenue: NA
  • Employee Size: 11-50
  • Business Valuation: Valued at $1B as of Mar 30, 2022
  • City/Town: Vancouver
  • State: British Columbia
  • Country: Canada
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